Your Dreaming Soul


With my expertise in the symbolic and mystical power of dreams to awaken the human soul to greater potential, I can help you to see what your own dreams mean in terms of your own personal power and evolution. Allow yourself to step more deeply into your own wisdom, your own capacity for overcoming and feeling more free, more alive, more uniquely yourself!



  1. The first step is to write to me and tell me your dreams. I will offer you an analysis that is informed by decades of research and writing, direct connection with the forces of nature, and intimate relationship with oracular and divinatory powers.
  2. We will book a time that works for both of us to have an online consultation. At this point, after a period of rumination and consultation, I will be ready to engage with you online (but face-to-face) and help you awaken to your own inner potential in accordance with your deepest life force and path.


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