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  • Book a Skype consultation now and receive Sage Counsel from Dr Geoffrey Berry. Feel empowered with the force of nature; because the drive to grow and face all challenges is a right you were born with. $150 per hour.


  • Book a Skype consultation now to
    • Dissolve the blockages that stop you from feeling fully alive and in your power
    • Evolve and transform beyond your current state
    • Experience the spirit of life while feeling grounded in your body

1 review for Personal Consultations

  1. Sam from Mossy Point

    I am truly thankful to have met with Geoff for a personal consultation.

    Geoff shed light on my quandaries about loving without attachment and helping without entanglement.

    With magical metaphors of nature and the universe in relationship to self, Geoff’s words conjured images which revealed clear, simple truths.

    Geoff spoke about purifying intentions and shared some practical tools/rituals to support this.

    Great reminders of opening the heart and acting from the pure, true self.

    Geoff is highly intuitive and speaks directly to the soul.

    With gratitude I draw upon these memorable lessons both in my personal and professional relationships daily.

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