Services and Consultations

As you will see from my testimonials, I am considered a world expert in the fields of myth and symbol, and psyche and nature. I offer you these services as a guide, from someone who has spent their life on a quest for deep meaning, listening to nature within and without, concentrating on the mysteries that are revealed by our inner nature as well as by the beautiful, living world we are born into.

A consultation can include me reading what you have to say about your situation and responding in writing, or offering advice in a personal online conversation. You may even decide to request both; the price is the same, whether I am reading, writing or talking with you. So take advantage of my expertise and attention to your personal details and circumstances.

For specific services and consultation, see below. But also feel free to contact me about any matter you feel falls under the general area of concern at Nature Calling!

Ask me anything…

Tell me your dreams, request guidance on deepening your connection to nature and the elements, work out your own sense of spiritual freedom, get feedback on your creative projects from an expert …
Consult with me and get clear answers straight from the source: nature, the world of mystery and clarity that is both within and without.

Address: Mossy Point, far south coast, NSW Australia.

Skype: Geoff Berry

Availability: online anytime, unless I am out listening to nature calling

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