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  • Sharpen and deepen your awareness in nature
  • Learn simple but profound rituals to connect with the earth
  • Be filled with the beauty of all life, including the stars, sun and moon


Join Geoff in beautiful Mossy Point as he teaches you to welcome each day with a ritual to the rising sun and end each night with a reconnecting ceremony for the moon. Explore Vision Quests, healing exercises, practices designed to heighten your attunement to the elements, and be nourished by incredible local food and drinks. Dates and accommodation can be flexible by appointment and range from a humble swag to luxury spa cottages nearby. Enquire now!

1 review for Ecoretreats

  1. Lillian

    I attended an Ecoretreat with Geoff and even now, after several months, I am still experiencing the benefits. It enabled me to deeply connect with myself within the greater web of life and energy that we are part of. I enjoyed meditation, foraging, morning and evening rituals to acknowledge the sun and moon, a vision quest, a labyrinth walk and more. I love being in nature so this was a soul and body nourishing treat, which was amplified by Geoff’s guidance, care and attention to flow.

    Back in the hectic life that many of us lead, his advice to breathe into your centre and listen with your being to the song of nature within and around us, keeps the benefits of the retreat alive and relevant. I wait with anticipation for the opportunity for another one!

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